Who loves Toots

Thoughts from lovely ladies that have their own TOOTS!
'I've been more than happy with my bags! A couple of my favourite features are how the Orbit clips on to the Pinnacle Tote and that the lining zips out for easy cleaning (the other day my niece crawled over and spewed in it).'  - Thoughts on her TOOTS from a very thankful Mama!.
'I just wanted to let you know my bag has arrived and it is even more beautiful in real life!'
'The bag really is amazing, quality, size, features.  I am using just the tote at the moment while we wait for baby and it has so many neat compartments.  It's beautiful and worth the investment'  - Christina
'I use the Orbit everyday, and I get so many lovely comments... because that bag is haaaawt!' - Erin
'I love my TOOTS, I adore my set and get so many compliments from other Mums and even random people I meet (like the shoe repair guy who was very impressed with the quality of the leather!)' Felicity
'I bought the backpack and crossbody bag combo recently to use as my all-in-one handbag/nappy bag on an overseas trip. 
From day one it has become hands down my best baby related purchase yet! The backpack has just the right amount of pockets (and capacity) to keep everything I need for the little one close at hand and easy to find. And being able to have my hands free while we’ve been travelling has been priceless- to pick up my little guy without having to wrestle with a shoulder bag falling off my arm, to haul luggage around etc. 
You’ve thought of so many details that only a mum who’s ‘been there, done that’ could have thought of - even down to the hidden pockets at the back of the backpack to keep things like passports and itineraries safe (handy for someone like me who has a habit of misplacing important things like that!).
Probably the best thing about the combo is the fact that the crossbody bag can detach to use as separate going out bag/handbag. It’s the first time I’ve actually been able to pack just the one bag for a whole trip.'  Chrissy
'I just received my tote... MY GOODNESS it is even more gorgeous in real life! THANKYOU for creating such stunning pieces' Nadia
'More beautiful than i could have imagined, thank you for creating these heirloom pieces.  The leather is amazing and will only get better with age and use'  Rebecca
'Hands free is just the best! I can see myself using this bag for the next decade' Jemima