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Choosing your size is a very individual decision, personally I know mothers who have used the Everything Mini for their second child, fitting in everything they need for two children.  However I also know mothers who wish they had have purchased the Everything in Large, rather than classic as they wanted the extra room.  It depends on lots of factors unique to you! 

Here's a few things I recommend people think about when selecting their size:

  • Climate - do you live somewhere where you will need thick layers in winter
  • Feeding - if you are bottle feeding you will need more room to carry multiple bottles and formula for a newborn
  • Additional children - will your toddler be toilet training soon, less nappies, but you will require changes of clothes in the short term
  • Transport - do you need to take everything you need with you, or can you leave some extras in the car or under the pram
  • Personality type - personally I like to have everything with me, just in case!  So I'm inclined to use a Classic most of the time, or a Large for travel or a day trip.  If you are a minimalist packer you might prefer a smaller bag
  • The Classic is our style that suits most people, and has longevity as it's a great size to use for years to come for outings and kids sport.


Below is some packing examples of what fits in each size for a newborn


The Everything Mini


The Everything Solo Classic


The Everything Large


The image below shows you what fits in the mini, and then what additional items you can fit in a Classic and Large (left to right)



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