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With a background in visual merchandising, style comes second nature to Anna Mac.  Add in motherhood and it was only a matter before this stylist and blogger added designer to that list.  A natural fit for someone who loves fashion, a kids label had been a long term goal – co founded with friend Steph, Andie Kids turned from dream to reality in 2017

 bugaboo donkey anna mac

You have two gorgeous boys, what were the new born days like for you?

Stanley was a dream newborn, I was very lucky, as he slept and breast fed so well, you would just put him down and he would fall asleep, and it was such a beautiful time that I embraced and loved it all. I used the book Save Our Sleep as a guide and he was a baby that really embraced that routine.

(I was one of those Mums you wanted to hate,) it came so easy for us! 

Then along came Otis and he really mixed things up, I was back to chaos with two boys, only two years apart (and we then chose to renovate when he was only 3 months old… crazy times).   But overall, I am someone that really loves that baby newborn phase...

anna mac andie kids   toots and co bugaboo donkey

What characteristic do you recognise in your children that are without question from you, or from your husband? 

Stanley looks and acts just like his dad, so much so that people stop us on the street to mention how similar they look. They are both so serious and are always thinking, they love rules and a little structure.

Otis is all me! A little wild and just happy to go with the flow.  Paul and I really ended up with one mini me each…

Anna Mac Andie Kids   Anna mac andie kids

What’s your secret to keeping the household under control with two small kids, everyone has one - what’s the thing that you do that keeps everything ticking?

If I need to get out of the house early or even just for Kinder days, I have their outfits laid out, and lunch/snacks all done and prepared the night before…

Online shopping for my food was a life saver also when they were really young.

Weekends you can be found waterside at the farm, finishing the day with a sunset peacock hunt, tell us what makes this such special place?

My mums place really is my home away from home, we love heading to the farm house on 10 acres, in a small town, it’s the house I grew up in, with every pet animal you can think of. 

It’s a place that feels really relaxing and the kids spend the day exploring the large garden, collecting eggs, and feeding the animals.  When its hot we just hang out by the pool and its always wine oclock…

 leather Nappy Bag Baby Changing Australian

It’s no small undertaking to launch a label, especially while juggling motherhood.  Yourself and Steph have done an amazing job to bring it to fruition in such a short time frame.  Tell us, what was the driving force behind creating Andie kids?

It has been a dream of both Steph’s and mine to have a kids clothing line, which was discovered over a very simple chat at playgroup one day last year. After that discussion we both thought it’s now or never. After a crazy whirlwind 7 months, Andie Kids was born.

Steph has two girls and with me having the two boys, we were really passionate about making cool unisex clothes, which could be worn by anyone and passed down to different kids no matter the gender.  It was really important that we used the softest organic fabric, and that it is all made here locally in Melbourne so we can oversee every stage in the process. Also another difference for our range was that every piece could be worn together, all tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched, (So even dad can dress the kids and get it right…)

 andie kids unisex kids clothes   changing bag leather nappy bag australian chic babg bag backpack

Tell us, how amazing was the feeling the first time you slipped a tee over the head of one of your kids and saw all your hard work become reality?

We actually have a video of that exact moment, the kids were dancing around, with us squealing and laughing in the background… just so exciting to see all out hard work come together.

What’s coming up next for Andie Kids?

Andie kids is now all about getting our first ever Winter collection out. We can’t wait to show you! The first designs ever that Steph and I came up with were originally these winter designs so it’s going to be exciting for us to realise this collection. Along with some fun collabs with some really amazing companies coming soon.

What’s your essential item for a baby/toddler bag?

Wet wipes… so simple but my boys are messy and into everything so I never leave without them.

Essential Mum beauty item?

… I can’t live without my eyelash extensions, no eye make needed and no matter how tired I am they always make for my go to beauty tip…

Fav Friday night drink?

Pinot noir,

Coffee order?

Soy (or Almond) cappuccino

If you could meet any celebrity, designer, author, musician who would it be?

Chris Rock, funniest and coolest man alive I am a massive fan from years ago. And also I do love a little of Victoria Beckham…

Motherhood can be all consuming, what do you like to do to take time out for yourself?

Going out with my girlfriends! We try and get together; all get dressed up, heels on and go out for dinner and drinks as much as possible! A great way to unwind and get to actually finish a full conversion with each other without the kids interrupting.

 Anna Mac Legoe Heritage

Anna Mac is Stylist, Blogger and Co-founder of Andie Kids.  

You can check out her stylish blog here : annamac.com.au  and the gorgeous kids threads here andiekids.com.au 

Photography : Ina Odak worklifemama.com.au

Anna's Clothing : legoehertiage.com.au Otis and Stanley, dressed by Andie Kids of course!


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